Hurricane Relief Efforts - Puerto Rico

THANK YOU to all who helped donate to our ongoing Hurricane Relief Efforts - we have some exciting updates to share!

On December 19th, we received word that the water filters had arrived! Once the pallets arrived in port, volunteers and locals on the ground helped navigate the paperwork and set up space for the water filters to be processed and assembled.

We are grateful to all the volunteers - including Senator Rios and his team! - who have worked tirelessly over the holidays to make sure these water filters were delivered to needy families as quickly as possible. 

Over 80 Water Filters have been delivered, solar power has been shipped in to help restore electricity to community centers and schools and there's also a team on hand restoring WiFi to help ease communication. 

Volunteers are still on the ground delivering filters and we'll continue to provide updates on the impact your contribution is making. 


The Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico still need our help and we are grateful that our community of world changers is part of the sustainable solution. 

Resources to Be More, Do More and Give More: 

THANK YOU for your support and to the many organizations involved that help make this possible: 

  • The incredible team at ALA San Diego raised over $20,000 which will provide ~700 Clearbrook Water Filters to families and communities in Puerto Rico! 
  • Clearbrook helped to process the orders quickly and donated additional pallets of water filters to the cause.
  • Coalition of Hope helped to facilitate and connect us with the resources needed to make this happen including the incredible crew at Cajun Commissary who is on the ground assembling, delivering and providing us with updates! 
  • Spectrum LA, Keller Williams, and many other companies have raised their hand and donated to the Hurricane Victims.
  • Individual donors have made a huge difference in this campaign - THANK YOU!