We believe in greatness.

Our definition of greatness is actualizing potential, the idea that what one can be one must be.

We believe it's our responsibility to use our strengths, resources, and opportunities to empower others.



Project: House build for families in need
Location: Maneadero, Mexico
Partner: Baja Bound
Status: 10 homes built as of April 2017

Project: Rescue 2 Million Children From Sex Slavery
Location: Costa Rica, Thailand, Haiti
Partner: Operation Underground Railroad
Status: Ongoing support

Project: Reduce Homelessness
Location: San Diego, CA
Partner: PATH Connections Housing
Status: Fundraising completed March, 2014


Project: Micro-Loan Food Cart, Orphanage Painting
Location: Cambodia
Partner: Hands On Journeys
Status: Completed January 2016

Project: Prevent Malaria Transmission
Location: Eastern African Countries
Partner: Against Malaria Foundation
Status: Ongoing support

Project: Micro-loan bracelet making program
Location: Vietnam
Partner: Hands On Journeys
Status: Completed January 2016

Greatness is choosing to live a life you’re proud of.
— Mike Sherbakov, Founder

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