THE CHILDREN OF Puerto RicO Need Your Help!

Did you know that Hurricane Maria’s effects are still being heavily felt by the people of Puerto Rico? A great majority of its citizens do not have roofs over their heads, access to clean water or food supplies. 

This is leading to violent outbreaks as people struggle to rebuild what was already insufficient community support.  

Empower the citizens of Puerto Rico to transform their communities into thriving educated neighborhoods with your generosity. The time is now, don’t allow further spread of scarcity, which is the true cause of poverty!

Take your opportunity to give to those will be more grateful for your assistance, especially as the holidays are fast approaching. 

Make YOUR difference by donating now.

Because we must act quickly, we have a deadline for fundraising on Monday, November 20th 2017. 

Who We Are

We the team of Spectrum SLV4 - by being loving, powerful and passionate, create a world of peace, harmony, and authenticity. The training that brought us together,  Spectrum Education Las Vegas, is committed to creating a positive, connected world of abundance for all. In an effort to create a world that works for everyone, we stand with the people of Puerto Rico in creating new communities of promise and hope. 

We've partnered with The Greatness Foundation and their locally based impact partners to ensure all proceeds go toward the funding of staff that will be powering the centers of childhood development in the Guayama region. 

We invite you to join us by donating today. Don’t wait, the time to help is now! The holidays are about to be upon us where we will have abundance and share in time with loved ones. Let’s not forget our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico who are most in need.